Bella & Beavis

Posted on May 23, 2013


bella beavis

Poor Bella. She’s just a dog who loved a beaver.

This video was taken in July 2012, where apparently this family had an eclectic group of animals in their household. There are several dogs in the video but Bella is the one who’s mourning her friend. It’s really heartbreaking.

The family made a note on the video as of May 1st 2013 with more information about their relationship. “Beavis came and went as he pleased. He (or she) was not “trained” or “kept” as a pet. It was merely a relationship between Bella and Beavis that no one here interfered with. Many mornings would find Beavis in the yard lounging with Bella curled up next to him sleeping. Bella would grab a tennis ball in her mouth and coax Beavis to give chase- which he surprisingly did often (albeit in short bursts).
We did not feed Beavis on a regular basis because no one ever knew when he/she would show up. If he seemed interested in food, he would waddle up and share Bella’s. Bella would not share her food with any other dog- ever. It was a strange but delightful relationship that we were all blessed to be a part of.”

While reading the comments on the internet often leads to rage-strokes and leaving one either rocking in a corner or signing up for anger management classes; I found some of the comments on this video really interesting. Some people were worried about the dog licking and cuddling on a dead body. Fair point. Though the people who uploaded the video say the beaver had died that morning so it’s not like it’s a week old decomposing carcass. Others say it’s “the most adorable thing they’ve ever seen.” Really? I wouldn’t describe mourning the death of a friend adorable, but okay. “Poor Bella, animals love each other SO much.” That’s an interesting comment. I know lots and lots of animals that don’t really care about each other, or kind of dislike each other, tolerate each other, or are friendly with each other. I’ve only known a handful that have exhibited strong devoted love for each other. They’re not that different from humans as we’d like to think, with a large gray scale of emotion and exhibition. So whether it’s “animals don’t have feelings” or “animals have so many feelings of love and light always!” I hope people learn to see past their ignorance and start viewing animals as complex creatures.

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